10 HD Days Gone Wallpapers

Days Gone

Days Gone game wallpapers, images and backgrounds in full HD for desktop and mobile. Days Gone is a survival game, we live in a world where there is zombies apocalypse.

Days Gone (2018)

Days Gone

In game Days Gone wallpaper, here we were cashing a guy and using a self-crafted suppressor on a gun so Freakers won’t come.

Days Gone

Days Gone

Best Days Gone background in high quality.

Days Gone

Deacon St. John riding on a bike with his girlfriend photos.

Days Gone

Days Gone Mission Fight Wallpapers.

Days Gone

Days Gone beautiful wild jungle screenshots.

Days Gone

Pictures in 1920×1080, he just completed a quest, behind him is a zombie (Freaker) which looks like he just killed.

Days Gone Days Gone

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Release Date: April 26, 2019
Platform: PlayStation (Exclusive)

About Days Gone

SIE Bend Studio’s Days Gone is a (survival, action, adventure, horror) open-world third-person shooter game with zombies in their world. When someone sees an open-world game, the first thought pop up in their mind is can they ride vehicles? Yes, they can.

People are excited about the beautiful graphics of Characters and their world, they getting vibes of Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us and relating the main character with The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon. There are few little things that are similar to The Last of Us but this game is different, it’s open-world, we can ride vehicles, he is mature and having girlfriend, we can’t play any other characters like we played Ellie for a while. Other than zombies there are many more things, like wild animals, crazy people. The game has more action than The Last of Us, the guy who is the main character is also looking badass. There is nothing wrong in relating and we all love relating games, it’s good that people are not comparing it.

In this game, we play as Deacon St. John, who like to be in the wild. The story takes place after 2 years of a crazy disease infected all most people, now we live in a world of zombies which they call Freakers. There are lots of different quest in this game, we can complete them many ways like playing strength, fight and in some, we can sneak by without any casualties. We can craft things to help our self, ride bikes and explore the world.


  1. It’s not fair please release it on PC too…!! We are waiting for this game since the beginning of demo version and we love this game !! So, please release it on PC !!


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