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Wish a happy birthday to your son with the best birthday quotes, wishes, and greetings images, all of which we have provided in this collection for free. Altogether, we have 50 perfect happy birthday wishes for son. Choose any method you do like to use these and say happy birthday, son! in the best and most fantastic way possible. Sometimes it’s hard to write your own wishes, so we are here to help and our collection is filled with very lovely, funny, and very supportive wishes, you can choose according to your need. So, take a look, choose your favorite and make your son proud and be a proud supportive father, also share some lovely moments with these wishes.

Birthday Images, Quotes, and Wishes for Son

Wise birthday quotes for son.

  1. Happy Birthday SonYou are a kind heart, a good soul, and a great son. Happy Birthday!
  2. Happy Birthday SonHappy birthday my precious son! You are loved, today, tomorrow and always.
  3. Happy Birthday SonWishing you a wonderful birthday, full of wonders.
  4. Happy Birthday SonAll the best to my amazing boy. I wish you the best today and always.
  5. Happy Birthday SonA special day for a special son. Hope you have a really great day. Love you son!
  6. Happy Birthday SonEnjoy your special day. You deserve a lifetime of happiness.
  7. Happy Birthday SonTo our pride an joy, our sweetest boy. Happy birthday, son!
  8. Happy Birthday SonHappy birthday, son! Wishing you a great year.
  9. Happy Birthday SonThank you for letting us be the best parents we can be, just by being yourself a wonderful boy. So proud of you son, happy birthday!
  10. Happy Birthday SonSon, happy birthday! The road ahead of you holds endless possibilities.
  11. With every birthday you have, I am reminded of how lucky I am to have a wonderful son like you. You really are so special to me. Wishing you the greatest birthday that you deserve. Have fun opening your presents.
  12. Happy Birthday to a person that is charming, talented and witty and reminds me a lot of myself. 😉
  13. Today is a big day of the boy who has made me feel so blessed and lucky to have him as my child. Happy birthday, son!
  14. I hope nothing in life will take away the smile on your face because that smile is enough to give you joy and strength, and my honor. Happy Birthday, son. Kill ’em with kindness.
  15. Becoming a father to an awesome son like you is the highlight of my life. Hope you have a fun filled birthday son!
  16. Wish I could be with you to celebrate your special day. But I want you to know that no matter where I am, you are always here, in my heart! I am thinking about you, care for you, and wishing you a birthday that’s filled with lots of joy and laughter.
  17. My dear son, chase your dreams, find adventures, and enjoy your birthday!
  18. Life is an adventure, and I know your next journey is bound to be somewhere amazing. Happy Birthday To My Son.
  19. Dear son, your mother loves you so much. I wish you a very happy birthday on this special day!
  20. On your special day, we wish you good health, great success and true happiness in your life, dear son!
  21. Happy birthday to the world’s greatest and kindest but still my little-boy-at-heart son.
  22. Words cannot begin to express how awesome it is to have a son as amazing as you. If I had to try though I would go with: I love you more than life itself.
  23. You’re a “one in a billion” miracle to us. You have blessed our lives with your funny, kind and caring ways. Happy birthday!
  24. Son, you are loved and will always be, for the very innocent little boy you were, the special man you are now, and the wonderful you will be.
  25. My boy, you mean the world to me, and today my world celebrates! Happy Birthday!
  26. I’m praying that God blesses you with all the things that he’s generous enough to give you. I am wishing you the best birthday you can have.
  27. We’ve always been proud of you. Now more than ever, our hearts are bursting with pride, because you’ve grown into a remarkable person. So full of love, caring, and joy. Happy birthday, my dear, dear boy!
  28. My dearest son, you’ve made every day feel like Mother’s Day. I’m so lucky to have you.
  29. Wisdom is not a gift we can give you, son. It’s something you get from thinking, watching and learning, and you’ve become so wise over the years. Happy birthday, our wise, kind man.
  30. Since I first day when I first show you, every year after has been a blessing, with every year you only bring joy and happiness into my life. And I know this year will bring even more joy to you and me both, happy birthday son!
  31. Every smile you give to us is always a blessing we receive. We wish lots of happiness and blessings for the rest of your life, and especially today. Happy birthday!
  32. Son, I think the world of you and love you very much. I hope you have the happiest birthday and an even happier and healthy future.
  33. Happy birthday to a great son. Wishing you a very happy birthday and many more to come. Hope it’s a great one.
  34. It’s not flesh and blood, but the heart which makes us father and son.
  35. My dear son, may you forever shine brightly in your life, find happiness in whatever you do, and find an easy way through tough times. Today that is my loving wish for you, have a lovely, wishing you a sweet happy birthday.
  36. To My Dear Son! The day you were born was the happiest day of my life. I love you with all my heart. Have a wonderful birthday and a fantastic year.
  37. Our beloved son, thank you for bringing a smile to our face every day. We hope that your birthday will bring a smile to yours as well.
  38. Words are simply not enough to express how amazing I feel to have you as my son. I love you. You make my life complete.
  39. Son, you may have all grown into Men and grew out of your toys but in my heart, you are still my little boy. Have fun, son, happy birthday!
  40. My whole world can be summed up in just 1 word. Son. I wish you lots of joy and happy moments in your life, happy birthday, my dear son.
  41. Son, we hope you have a wonderful birthday that brings you cheerfulness, accomplishment, harmony, trust, and prosperity to you. Happy birthday our beloved son.
  42. I can hardly believe that our little one has grown up to be a wonderful young man. Happy Birthday, son!
  43. Son, you’re our greatest blessing. May your birthday and all your tomorrows be blessed with everything good in life!
  44. To my dear son, happy birthday! You came to my life with a bang and nothing has ever been the same! I can’t imagine life without you, and am so proud and blessed to call you my son and my friend.
  45. Love, hugs, and happy wishes to the best son in the world! Have a wonderful Birthday!
  46. I cannot find the exact words to tell you that we are so proud of what you have become through the years! Also, don’t forget to enjoy, have fun, make the most out of everything, happy birthday, son.
  47. As the day of your birth begins, may you be able to forgive all of those who hurt you in the past, erase all the bruises from your heart and fill your heart with happiness and peace. Good luck and have fun dear, happy birthday!
  48. I’m proud of you, Son, for growing into a mature and successful man. I finally feel that I have done my job as a father to help you grow. Anytime that you need ever guidance, you have my attention and love.
  49. You are my bundle of joy and a source of happiness. Without you In my life, I wouldn’t know if there is anything special in life and how cool it would be to be a parent. Thank you for coming into my life. I love you Son. Happy birthday.
  50. Son, no matter how old you get, you will always be my little prince. Hope you have a truly wonderful birthday.

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Wish your child, your son a very happy birthday in the most adorable and proudly way. As a mother/father you are has spent lots of time together as his hero and a friend. On this birthday you can share some of his very young age moments or some interesting stories of you both together. Birthdays are meant to celebrate our lives, and on this day your son was born, you can send lots of love to him with these amazing wishes we have provided here.

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